2018 Granting Student Card Ceremony

30 Nov 2018

Zhejiang University-The University of Edinburgh Institute Granting Student Card Ceremony was held at the Haining International Campus on 27th November. Since then, all ZJE freshmen of 2018 have been officially registered as students of both Zhejiang University and The University of Edinburgh.



Dean of The University of Edinburgh School of Medicine Mike Shipston, ZJE Dean Hongwei Ouyang, ZJE Executive Dean Sue Welburn, ZJE Vice Dean Linrong Lu, ZJE programme Director John Menzies, Assistant Professor Michael Daw attended this ceremony. They granted student cards to all the freshmen.



Prof. Mike Shipston and Prof. Hongwei Ouyang delivered speeches at the ceremony. Prof. Mike Shipston pointed out the bright development prospect of the biomedical industry and encouraged students to enjoy learning and living in the ZJE biomedical family. Prof. Hongwei Ouyang likened ZJE to a "Magic School", and compared ZJE student to future magicians, he believes all the ZJE members can create a magical future together.



In the ceremony, all the faculty wore the ‘magic robe’, and all the students dressed formally. Everyone enjoyed this important moment. ZJE students have student status of the two universities in different countries, and we expect ZJE members will become the bridge between Chinese and Western civilizations and benefit the world with their knowledge in the future.