2019 ZJE New Student Welcome Ceremony

08 Sep 2019

The Zhejiang University - University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE) new student welcome ceremony was held in the Multi-Function Hall of Campus on 8 September 2019, with more than 100 new undergraduate and postgraduate students in attendance. The new students spanned various regions across China, and countries such as Malaysia, Australia, United Kingdom.

Many distinguished guests attended the ceremony including Assistant President of Zhejiang University(ZJU), Secretary of Party Working Committee and Vice Dean of ZJU International Campus Qiang Fu, Vice Dean of ZJU International Campus Kuan Chong Ting, ZJE Dean Ouyang Hongwei, ZJE Executive Dean Sue Welburn, and directors of ZJU International Department, leaders of ZJE, all the faculty of ZJE, and parents of ZJE students. Everyone gathered to witness this special moment.



The ceremony began with the new students and guests signing their names and creating multi-coloured hand prints on the signature wall. These colourful hand prints symbolize the bright futures expected for the new students.











Vice Dean of ZJU International Campus Kuan Chong Ting delivered a welcome speech to students. He conveyed Vice Dean of ZJU, Dean of ZJU International Campus Professor Zhenlian He’s welcome and congratulations to all the new students. He said that the ceremony should be seen as a brand-new start for all of the students, he hoped students can make full use of the excellent resources of Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh, “transform your life and make contribution to humanity and a better life of yourself.”



Then, Professor Ouyang Hongwei, Dean of ZJE, gave a wonderful speech entitled "New Journey of Evolution". He stated that the moment a student chooses ZJE, they have set themselves apart from their peers. He said: "In ZJE, because of the combination of Chinese and Western teaching models, industry-wide visions and high-level thinking, combined with the key factor of ‘cross evolution’, our students stand out among their peers. More importantly, ZJE trains the players of life, not only in professional excellence, but also physical, emotional, and mental health." Professor Ouyang wishes ZJE freshmen “To be brave beyond the wall”.


Executive Dean Sue Welburn gave students a brilliant introduction of ZJE. She introduced the background of The University of Edinburgh and its important position in Europe, and also showed the long history of cooperation between Zhejiang University and The University of Edinburgh. Professor Welburn illustrated the close connection between biomedical sciences and human life, and encouraged our students join to build a great future of Biomedicine. At last, she presented her sincere wishes that the freshmen “Never be tired of learning or teaching others”.



The new Logo of ZJE was also announced to the public at the welcome ceremony, the host introduced the meaning of the Logo to guests:
The logo frame is a shield shape, which indicates the educational value of consistency of the College of Biomedical Science. The abbreviation of the institute ‘ZJE’ has been put into the centre part of the badge, and it was put in a way as the Chinese Character ”飞“ that means "flying" . This indicates the prosperity and the trend of rising. At the top is the eight-character motto of the institute. It inherits the attitude of "to practice and innovate" of Zhejiang University, and also expresses ZJE's self-requirement and the concept of educating people ——" interdisciplinary evolution". On The left lies the DNA double helix, which contains the smallest fragment with biological characteristics. And on the right side lies the caduceus, which is the symbol of medicine. Together they symbolize biomedical science.


Then, Vice Dean Qiang Fu, Professor Ouyang Hongwei and Professor Sue Welburn pinned a new ZJE badge for the freshman representatives. This badge is both a responsibility and a hope that students will follow ZJE's motto of “to practice and innovate, interdisciplinary evolution” and become excellent ZJEers.





On behalf of undergraduate freshmen, Hanyu Li not only expressed her excitement about her upcoming life in ZJE, but also expressed her thinking of how to better face the future study and life. She said: “Full dedication to study is the cornerstone of our skyscraper; time control and task plan are two key points to make our ideas into shape; openness to surrounding communities and involvement in them help us to go with the trend of the new era.”


On behalf of postgraduate freshmen, Renzhi Yao expressed his gratitude for ZJE for choosing him, and he also talk about how to become a qualified PhD student, first is the PhD student needs to have the potential to break through the set structure of knowledge,second is the PhD student should always seek truth and be creative. He is looking forward to shining around the world with all ZJEers.



The next segment is for students and their parents. Entering ZJE is the beginning of a new stage of life for students, and standing on the dividing line of life, each freshman wrote a postcard of gratitude to his parents. Some student representatives read their postcard on the stage to express their love to parents, and their parents also responded to their children’s love in the sincerest words. At last, students embraced their parents, this scene touched everyone present.



The versatile ZJEers also gave a wonderful performance to all the guests attending the welcoming ceremony, everyone enjoyed great music together.



Senior students of ZJE, Wenyue Li, Baizhi Chen, Kaiwen Luo, Yuwei He, Minglu Wang and Yiyang Yan shared their special experiences of summer practice they completed across the world. Their experiences encouraged freshmen to have more motive power to take part in summer practice in the future.




The welcoming ceremony is a starting point for freshmen, from here, they will embark on a new and unknown but hopeful journey. We sincerely hope that every new student can face challenges bravely, remember the ZJE motto, “to practice and innovate, interdisciplinary evolution” , and keep moving on!