Academic Achievements of ZJE Undergraduates

06 Nov 2019

After the ceremony, In January 2019, a ZJE student from the 2017 cohort published a review in SCI journals as a first author. In September, Luo also a 2017 cohort ZJE student published an article in Sciences as a fifth author, and Zheng a third 2017 cohort ZJE student published a review in SCI journals as a co-first author. Many ZJE students have made outstanding achievements in the laboratory, which have been well received.
How do ZJE's students achieve so many remarkable results in just three years?



Dean of ZJE, Professor Hongwei Ouyang have said,
ZJE is committed to training students to have the awareness, courage and ability of cross-border, cross-border is cross disciplinary boundary, cross regional boundary, out of the box! These are all embodied in the practical education mode of ZJE.
Compared with the Chinese domestic knowledge-based curriculum design, ZJE teaching integrates the advantages of University of Edinburgh, and pays more attention to the cultivation of students' learning ability and hands-on ability: through the curriculum of theory class discussion class experiment class 1:1:1, students are guided to actively explore the unknown and improve their learning ability in the class. The high proportion of discussion and experiment courses lead students to develop the learning character of studying hard and asking questions. Students are not satisfied with only the knowledge taught by teachers in the classroom but take the initiative to go to the scientific research laboratory to find the answers to their questions.



The increasingly mature scientific research environment of ZJE, the joining of more high-level research teams and the support of relevant disciplines of Zhejiang University provide a good foundation for the scientific research and training of students, which is also the basic guarantee for students to be able to hand in great research achievement. Also, the official opening of ZJE scientific research building, the use of large-scale public instrument platform, and the joining of high-level research teams, all these lay a good foundation for students' usual scientific research training. ZJE students can have zero distance contact with high-level research both  in or out of class, each new experience and unexpected harvest will make students excited and grow up.



ZJE's Student Union started to prepare for the summer vacation arrangement very early, and spontaneously formed an unwritten pattern and atmosphere of ZJE: the first year’s students focuses on Chinese domestic social practice, goes to the mountains of the motherland, performs social mission, and brings hope and dreams; the second year's students mainly practice in the laboratory of ZJE, and accumulate practical experience in scientific research, while the third year's students will actively apply for research programme of overseas top Universities, show the style of ZJE students.

Summer practice is an important part of training of ZJE. Every vacation, ZJEers will go out of the campus and put into summer practice. In Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Melbourne, Europe, Australia, America and all over the world,  ZJEers not only exercise their ability, but also bring the voice of ZJEers to the society and show the quality of ZJEers to the world.

Appendix 1: basic situation of ZJE's summer practice in 2019

2016 cohort of student:

The rate of taking part in summer research was 88.2%, and the rate of overseas summer research was 82.4%. There are 2 people in Harvard, 2 in Princeton, 1 in UCLA, 1 in Columbia, 1 in UCSD, 1 in Yale, 4 in University of Edinburgh, 1 in Switzerland, 2 in Australia, 1 in Haining International campus, 1 in internship (pharmaceutical factory).

2017 cohort of student:

87% of the students did summer practice, of which 63% did summer research in ZJU main campus, 19% students did summer research in Haining International campus, and 19% students did summer research overseas or in Hong Kong, including 4 students did research in Harvard University, 1 in Stanford University, 1 in University of Edinburgh, 2 in Hong Kong University, etc.

2018 cohort of student:
86.9% of the students did summer practice, 33 in ZJU main campus, 15 in Haining international campus, 5 in Huajiachi campus, 42 in social practice (mainly supporting education), 5 students joined Bali international volunteer teams, 2 students joined international exchange projects (Oxford University, Hong Kong and Macao universities), and 1 in internship.