Opening Ceremony of ZJE

05 Mar 2019


During 3 March to 5 March, Principal of The University of Edinburgh (UoE) Peter Mathieson, Vice-Principal of UoE Moira Whyte, Vice-Principal of UoE Chris Cox, professors from UK top universities, and guests of Scotland Development International and British Council came to Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE) to join a series of events for the opening ceremony of ZJE.

Alumni Events



On the evening of March 3rd, two alumni events were held respectively at Yuanzheng Campus Hotel and Langham Place Haining. All the members of ZJE, University of Edinburgh leaders and alumni participated in the events.



 Vice-Principal of UoE Moira Whyte gave an opening speech, she said the cooperation between Zhejiang University (ZJU) and UoE is far reaching and impactful collaboration. It is hard to imagine that only a few years ago, the campus was still farmland, now it has become an international campus with modern facilities. She hopes that students can make good use of the resources and have a wonderful college experience.

Opening Ceremony



On 4 March morning, ZJE held the Opening Ceremony of ZJE research building. Principal of ZJU Zhaohui Wu, Vice Principal of ZJU Zhenlian He, Assistant President of ZJU Qiang Fu, Principal of UoE Peter Mathieson, Vice-Principal of UoE Moira Whyte, Vice-Principal of UoE Chris Cox, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Chancellor Robert J. Jones, Dean of ZJE Hongwei Ouyang, Executive Dean of ZJE Sue Welburn joined the ceremony to witness the new chapter of ZJE.





The ceremony was hosted by Executive Dean of ZJE Sue Welburn. Dean of ZJE Hongwei Ouyang welcomed all the leaders and friends on behalf of ZJE with a statement that he believes the establishment and development of ZJE is a testimony to the cooperation between the two universities and their collective great vision of promoting human health. Principal of ZJU Zhaohui Wu and Principal of UoE Peter Mathieson gathered together to unveiled two big flags of Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh. These two flags spread out side by side, symbolize the official opening of ZJE research building, heralding a new stage of cooperation between the two universities.



The 2nd International Higher Education Forum





After the opening ceremony, the 2nd International Higher Education Forum was held on International Campus. During the forum, Principals of ZJU, UoE and UIUC gave wonderful keynote speeches and share their views on education. Principal of UoE Peter Mathieson mentioned in the speech that UoE is not only the birthplace of human biology and modern medicine, but also cultivated excellent alumni such as the founding fathers of the United States.

The Memorandum of Understanding between ZJU and UoE were also signed during the forum. ZJU and UoE will establish a research center to promote cooperation in biomedical and health-related translational research.

Meeting with Principal Peter Mathieson



After the forum, Principal of UoE Peter Mathieson met all the ZJE students and gave a speech. He hoped that all of them could enjoy their university life, cherish their friendship and create more beautiful memories.



ZJE is a great platform of cultural integration and academic collision between the two universities, a palace of cultivating and exporting outstanding talents for the world, and a base of incubating advanced scientific and technological achievements. We are fully committed to contribute to the human health industry and assume a share of responsibility of creating the next generation of global health leaders.