Stay Strong Zhejiang! Donation Proposal from UoE Alumni&ZJE

05 Feb 2020

Dear alumni of Zhejiang University/University of Edinburgh,
Dear friends who show great concern to this donation,

Hello, everyone.
    The new chapter of 2020 has witnessed an unusual challenge. Although the pandemic is still raging, we all,with great courage, have been fighting to win the battle. By 10pm on February 5th, 24,433 people had been confirmed with the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in China. Zhejiang, with 895 people confirmed infected, is in dire need of medical supplies. Since the outbreak of coronavirus, people across the world have expressed a high degree of concern about the pandemic. Dr. Zhong Nanshan, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering & honorary doctor of the University of Edinburgh, has led this fight against the disease at the front line at the age of 84. Additionally, Oxford & Cambridge Alumni Aid Association, Zhejiang University Alumni Association in UK and many other alumni associations have also immediately provided supports to help battle this pandemic.

We have so many outstanding models and we believe when there is solidarity there is a way to conquer all difficulties. University of Edinburgh Alumni Association in Zhejiang, together with ZJU-UoE Institute, sincerely hope to do our own part to the front line. To all of you, we propose “UoE always stands with ZJU” - the initiative for donation. 
     All donations will be directed to the front line through Zhejiang University Education Fund. UoE Alumni Association in Zhejiang and ZJU-UoE Institute will follow up the progress of donation collection, strictly supervise its use and flow and publicize it to the public in time.

Thank you for your attention and support!
University of Edinburgh Alumni Association in Zhejiang
ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University
5 February, 2020


Letter from UoE Principal



The University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang: A Friendship Dating back to A Hundred Years

In 1881, Marion Blake, a 26-year-old graduate of the University of Edinburgh, came to Hangzhou as the first president of Guangji Hospital (the predecessor of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine). Guangji Hospital, the birthplace of western medicine in Zhejiang, was also one of the largest western medical hospitals in China at that time. He worked in Hangzhou for 45 years and made important contributions to the development of Zhejiang’s medical industry. Even at his old age, he devoted himself to translating medical books.


Coincidentally, in 2011, medical science brought the University of Edinburgh and Zhejiang together again: a delegation from Zhejiang University visited the University of Edinburgh and reached cooperation agreements at the Forum of Biomedical Sciences. In 2012, with the help of the University of Edinburgh, Zhejiang University pioneered the programme of Biomedical Sciences in the country, making up the domestic blank. In 2015, cooperation between the two universities was strengthened, witnessing the establishment of ZJU-UoE Institute to train interdisciplinary talents with a global perspective and a multidisciplinary background including Biology, Life Science and Medicine. The institute was officially approved by the Ministry of Education of the PRC in 2016 and enrolled in the same year.


Giving More Concerns to Doctors and Nurses, Producing More Scientific Payoffs

Within one week after the outbreak, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine has received and treated 4,910 non-local fever patients. There are so many touching stories: upon receiving calls from hospitals, many doctors and nurses rush to the hospital before having the most important New Year’s Eve dinner; after a whole day of uphill work in isolation wards, they have to part reluctantly with their family members; some resolutely join the medical team to support the front line in Wuhan, not telling their parents the truth to save them from endless worries.
Science researchers including Academician Dr. Zhong Nanshan, Academician Prof. Li Lanjuan and those from the Zhejiang Provincial CDC as well as institutes of Virology have been working day and night to race against the virus.

Focusing on a better future, we hope that everyone does their part within reach.
Let’s care for the angels in white. For one thing, ensure the basic demand of all the medical staff fighting in the front line. For another, consolidate our confidence for this battle and a coming better future. Part of the donation will be used for post-disaster relief and psychological assistance as well as scientific research in bio-medicine and the cultivation of medical talents.


Donation Methods

All the donations are collected through the account of Zhejiang University Education Foundation.

For all donors for this project, please remember to make notes for later statistics and data tracking.
The unified note is “StayStrongZJ".


Bank transfer (UK)
Account Name: Zhejiang University Education Foundation
Account Number: 364968853401
Bank Name: Hangzhou Zheda Sub-Branch, Bank of China
Swift Code: BKCH CN BJ910
Bank Address: 28, Qiushi Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang


Contact Info

University of Edinburgh Alumni Association in Zhejiang: Bruce ZHANG +86 13685741138

ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University: Hannah HUANG

If you have any questions. please contact us.
Remember to note StayStrongZJ, when you transfer.