Why Study at ZJE?

At ZJE, you will find an international community of learners training to be the future leaders in biomedical sciences and biomedical informatics. You will work and live in our brand new International Campus with like-minded students from across six programmes and two institutes.

You will have the opportunity to make connections from all over the world, not just with your fellow students, but with our international faculty and administration staff. All our programme are taught in English with a focus on building your problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

We combine the best of east and west to offer you an educational experience that prepares you for your future career.

Dual degree

All of our undergraduate students will be eligible for two degrees: a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from The University of Edinburgh and a Bachelor of Science from Zhejiang University.

Make a difference

You will have real opportunity to influence the future of the Institute, as well as the International Campus as a whole. We encourage our students to take their passions and make them into realities: create your own society, join the student council, volunteer in campus activities, create your own unique experience.

Photograph of student holding up his hands with paint on it

Study in China

Haining in Zhejiang Province is an exciting developing city. You will have access to various shops, restaurants, bars, entertainment, as well as local businesses for internship and placement opportunities. China is a leader in the world of science and medicine. You will gain new perspectives from this unique culture while developing an understanding of the world’s largest consumer market. You can find out more about life in Haining here.

Be at the forefront of Science and Medicine

We recently announced a collaboration with Juanhu Lake International Science Park Committee, to build a Biomedical Translational Research Centre which aims to translate academic research into technologies to improve healthcare. The new centre will be part of the ever-growing science park which surrounds the campus grounds and aims to provide funding and research space to future global leaders.

Make connections

At the International Campus, you will be living alongside students from all programmes and institutes. We have students and faculty from 19 countries across the world. The relationships you build at the Institute will provide a social and academic network that can serve you for life.

map of students and faculty from around the world

Learn Chinese and improve your English

All of our programmes are taught entirely in English. You will improve your communication skills across your tutorials, group work, presentations, and discussions, while also learning Mandarin in dedicated classes.

Career prospects

With the global job market more competitive than ever, students who have completed their studies abroad are highly sought after.