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Dr. Hongjin Lu


Ph.D Univsersity: The University of Edinburgh

Nationality: China


1. Lu H, Talbot S, Robertson K A, et al. Rapid proteasomal elimination of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase by interferon- in primary macrophages requires endogenous 25-hydroxycholesterol synthesis[J]. Steroids, 2015, 99(Pt B):219-229.

2. Robertson K A, Hsieh W Y, Forster T, et al. An Interferon Regulated MicroRNA Provides Broad Cell-Intrinsic Antiviral Immunity through Multihit Host-Directed Targeting of the Sterol Pathway[J]. Plos Biology, 2016, 14(3):e1002364.

3. Lu H, Mazein A, Watterson S, et al. The Vitamin D3 Synthesis Pathway[J]. 2012.