ZJE Biomedical Seminar Series-6


ZJE Biomedical Seminar Series-6

A203, ZJE Building

Title: RNA-related pathways in human biology and disease

Speaker: Gracjan Michlewski博士

Summary: Dr.Gracjan Michlewski is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences at The University of Edinburgh and Associate Professor at the ZJE Institute. Gracjan studies various aspects of RNA biology in eukaryotic cells, and has published 35 papers on this topic. His biggest discoveries include identification of conserved elements in the miRNA precursors and auxiliary cofactors that regulate biogenesis of neuronal and non-neuronal miRNAs. He provided the evidence that miRNA auxiliary cofactors can be targeted by natural compounds to reactivate production of neuronal miRNA-7, which is implicated in aetiology of brain cancers and Parkinson’s disease. Recently, he discovered that a key factor in the innate immune response to plethora of RNA viruses – E3 ubiquitin ligase TRIM25 – is a novel RNA-binding protein. He will talk about his key findings and his current research focus on the RNA-related pathways in human biology and disease.

3:30pm, 8 May 2019, Wednesday
A203, ZJE Building, International Campus

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