Postdoctoral Research in Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

2 postdoctoral positions are available in the Ouyang lab ( at ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University. Research will focus on developing new translational technologies for enhancing musculoskeletal system function. Our scope ranges from fundamental molecular mechanisms to clinical applications. We employ approaches that integrate single-cell analysis, gene editing, organoids culture, 3D printing and in vivo experiments to study the development and age-related or injury-induced diseases in musculoskeletal system.


We encourage applicants with relevant experiences in bioengineering, bioinformatics, cell biology, molecular biology and genetics to join our team. Successful applicant is expected to have a PhD or MD/PhD with substantial research experience. Prior experiences with biomaterials, molecular biology, bioinformatics, and human and mouse work are preferred. Candidates should be self-motivated and have the ability to work independently as well as collaborate and support other team members.


Annual salary (¥250,000-300,000; equal to £25,000-30,000) commensurate with training level and past experience.


Representative publications of our group in three main areas:


(1) Deciphering the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the developmental and regenerative process;


Zi Yin#, Jia Jie Hu#, Long Yang, Ze Feng Zheng, Cheng Rui An, Bing Bing Wu, Can Zhang, Wei Liang Shen, Huan Huan Liu, Jia Lin Chen, Boon Chin Heng, Guo Ji Guo, Xiao Chen*, Hong Wei Ouyang*. Single-cell analysis reveals a nestin(+) tendon stem/progenitor cell population with strong tenogenic potentiality. Science Advances. 2016.


Bing Bing Wu#, Cheng Rui An#, Yu Li, Zi Yin, Lin Gong, Zhen Li Li, Yi xiao Liu, Boon Chin Heng, Dan Dan Zhang, Hong Wei Ouyang*, Xiao Hui Zou*. Reconstructing lineage hierarchies of mouse uterus epithelia development using single-cell analysis. Stem Cell Reports. 2017


(2) Developing new biomaterials and 3D printing techniques that stimulate bone, cartilage and muscle regeneration;


Yi Hong #, Fei Fei Zhou #, Yu Jie Hua, Xian Zhu Zhang, Cheng Yao Ni, Di Hao Pan, Yi Qing Zhang, De Ming Jiang, Long Yang, Qiu Ning Lin, Yi Wei Zou, Dong Sheng Yu, David E. Arnot, Xiao Hui Zou, Lin Yong Zhu, Shu Fang Zhang, Hong Wei Ouyang*. A strongly adhesive haemostatic hydrogel for the repair of arterial and heart bleeds. Nature Communications. 2019. Highlighted by Circulation 


Yan Wu, Shou An Zhu, Cheng Tie Wu*, Ping Lu, Chang Chang Hu, Si Xiong, Jiang Chang, Boon Chin Heng, Yin Xiao, Hong Wei Ouyang*.A Bi-Lineage Conducive Scaffold for Osteochondral Defect Regeneration. Advanced Functional Materials. 2014.


Huan Huan Liu#, Hong Ju Pen#, Yan Wu, Can Zhang, You Zhi Cai, Guo Wei Xu, Qin Li, Xiao Chen, Jun Feng Ji, Yan Zhong Zhang*, Hong Wei Ouyang*. The promotion of bone regeneration by nanofibrous hydroxyapatite/chitosan scaffolds by effects on integrin-BMP/Smad signaling pathway in BMSCs. Biomaterials. 2013. ESI Top 1%


(3) Advancing clinical applications use human samples, mouse models and preclinical large animal models:


Jun Dai#, Dong Sheng Yu#, Ya Fei Wang, Yi Shan Chen, Heng Sun, Xiao Lei Zhang, Shou An Zhu, Zong You Pan, Boon Chin Heng, Shu Fang Zhang, Hong Wei Ouyang*.   Kdm6b regulates cartilage development and homeostasis through anabolic metabolism. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 2017. Recommended by Faculty 1000


Shou An Zhu, Ping Lu, Huan Huan Liu, Peng Fei Chen, Yan Wu, Yan Yan Wang, Heng Sun, Xiao Lei Zhang, Qing Qing Xia, Boon Chin Heng, Yi Ting Zhou, Hong Wei Ouyang*. Inhibition of Rac1 activity by controlled release of NSC23766 from chitosan microspheres effectively ameliorates osteoarthritis development in vivo. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. 2015.  Highlighted by Nature Rheumatology Reviews


Yang Zi Jiang, You Zhi CAI, Wei Zhang, Zi Yin, Chang Chang HU, Tong Tong, Ping Lu, Shu Fang Zhang, Dante Neculai, Rocky S. Tuan*, Hong Wei Ouyang*.  Human cartilage-derived progenitor cells from committed chondrocytes for efficient cartilage repair and regeneration. Stem Cells Translational Medicine. 2016. Highlighted by Stem Cells


Please visit the website ( to find out more about research projects, publications, mentoring and collaborations.


To apply:

Applications should submit a CV, statement of research interests and contact information for three references to:, Associate Professor. Please add the phrase “Postdoctoral Application” in the subject of your introductory email.