Clubs and Activities

The Residential College team are committed to enhancing the student’s university experience through various activities, programmes and services. There are fourteen clubs on campus, which can be divided into five categories: sports, academic, culture and arts, general interest and public services. We encourage all students to consider joining a club or even starting their own.

  • Badminton club - this club is designed for badminton lovers to develop their skills and to share information with each other.
  • Xsport fitness club - the fitness club features a variety of different sports.
  • Bigbag ball club - this club includes football and basketball.
  • Innovative.init super-tech - students will work together to enter science competitions.
  • Isomer English club - this club allows students to exchange language and culture.
  • Astronomy club - this club features the study of astronomy.
Culture and art
  • Art Ensemble - this club includes four areas: choir, instrumental music, dance and drama. 
  • Chinese classics - this club helps to feature Chinese culture and heritage on campus.
General interest
  • Inversheen photography club - this club is perfect for budding photographers! It aims to improve their photography skills.
  • 144Hz movie club - this club holds diverse film screenings and activities.
  • Cantonese club - this club teaches Cantonese and spreads Lingnan culture. 
Public service
  • Residential College Student Committee - the RCSC aims to help enrich University culture, improve accommodation, and arrange and hold campus events.
  • International Student Council - the ISC accepts all international students as members and aims to help international students settle into their new lives in China, help create an international environment on campus and create integration between Chinese and international students.
Cultural events

The campus also holds events throughout the year which show different interesting parts of Chinese and International cultures; these have previously including dumpling making, tea ceremonies and lantern exhibitions.