Getting Around


Haining Railway station has frequent trains that go to the Shanghai South station (in the heart of Shanghai) and to Hangzhou East station. It takes an hour and a half to get to Shanghai by this conventional low-speed rail connection. There is also a high-speed train to Shanghai Hongqiao station departing from Tongxiang. It takes about 30 min by taxi to Tongxiang station and then 30 min to Shanghai on the train. Please note that the “Haining West” (Haining Xi) high-speed rail station, although technically within the boundary of Haining, is essentially in Hangzhou and about an hour taxi ride by expressway to campus.

You can find the full schedule and book tickets here: Hangzhou East station (Hangzhou Dong) is a major rail hub for both conventional and high-speed rail.


There are many buses that go into the city centre, picking up outside the campus gate. The three direct busses from campus are the 15, 29 and 33. All three pick up near the campus North Gate. The 15 bus takes you down the main road that the university is on, it goes past China Mobile stores, banks, restaurants, and to the old town Nanguanxiang. The 29 bus takes you to the In-Time Mall. And the 33 bus takes you to Walmart and to the railway station.


Taxis are convenient and easy to use in China. Simply provide the campus address to your taxi driver, and let them know that you would like dropped off at the North Gate. The taxi from Shanghai airport will take around one hour and 30 minutes and cost around 600 - 1000RMB. From Hangzhou airport, it will take around one hour and cost between 300 – 500 RMB.


To buy a car in China you need to have a license. An international license is not accepted. If you have a current driver’s license from your home state or country, you only need to take the written exam. It is provided in English and you must pass 90 out of 100 to get your license. There is a study guide and practice test online at Once you get your license you will still need some assistance to buy a car and have it registered.


To get an electric scooter, there is no need for a license, and it does not need to be registered. You can buy a new or secondhand e-bike in Haining. There are shops along Shuiyueting Rd, you can buy one on Taobao or as well. There is an e-bike charging area on campus by the gym. Prices range from 2500-5000 RMB.