Things to Do

Shopping and cinema

There are lots of place for shopping in Haining.

Intime mall has a cinema and a large selection of restaurants. There is Pizza Hut, Hotpot, sushi and a variety of other dining options, most on the top floor. There are also a few arcades within the mall and a grocery store on the bottom level. The cinema shows a range of English films with Chinese subtitles.

Hulian Mall is another mall with a cinema, restaurants and shopping. There is also a grocery store on the first and second floor. There is also a new large IMAX cinema which has opened across from Hulian Mall which offers some English films with Chinese subtitles.

Old town

Nanguanxiang is the old town, it has restaurant options, tea and coffee shops, and beautiful scenery, not to mention lots of beautiful lanterns! There are also some new stores opening summer of 2018 that have been built to fit the look of the old town. There will be a Starbucks, McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Prada, Coach and other high-end stores.

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling in different shapes and sizes


Eating and drinking

There are many great options for food and drinks around Haining, we have provided some of our favourites below.

Oasis is an Australian bar and grill serving western style foods. They also brew their own selection of beers. Students can get a discount card by showing your campus card at the restaurant.

Hotpot is one of the most famous dishes in China, and there is no shortage of great hot pot restaurants in Haining.

Rosemary is a great Italian restaurant which provides classic Italian dishes including pizza, pasta, and risotto.

Public parks

Dongshan is a scenic park with a garden atmosphere and beautiful Chinese architecture. The Pagoda that can be seen lit up at night is at this park. It is located close to campus and is off the 15-bus route.

Image of lake with trees either side


Juan Lake Park is just south of campus. There are bike and walking trails around the entire lake perimeter. The park has several sculptures and viewpoints for the lake and the surroundings.