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The inaugural class of Integrated Biomedical Sciences 1 (IBMS1) was held


1474618733981499.jpg13:30, 22nd Sept., Room A416 of the Learning and Teaching Building.  The inaugural class of Integrated Biomedical Sciences 1 (IBMS1) was held today and marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between Zhejiang University and the University of Edinburgh.  Students are enrolled on a dual 4 year BSc degree programme in Biomedical Sciences: this innovative programme aims to foster future leaders in the world of Biomedical Sciences.

The academic team of the IBMS1 course is comprised of professors from both the School of Basic Medical Sciences, Zhejiang University and Edinburgh Medical School, University of Edinburgh.  Each professor is an active researcher within their field of expertise so students will benefit from the high staff to student ratio whilst being mentored by practicing biomedical scientists.  

1474618731684239.jpgAs part of this initiative a joint research institute has been created that will bring new research biomedical scientists of international renown to the International Campus to establish their research groups and contribute to the teaching on the dual programme.  The Director of the Programme, Dr. Philip Larkman from the University of Edinburgh, states that the dual degree programmes have been designed to ensure an integrated approach to teaching and learning between Zhejiang University, the University of Edinburgh and Joint Institute.  The Dean of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Mike Shipston, will tell students in his lecture on Friday about the many similarities and past connections between the two universities that provide a strong foundation for further transnational collaboration.         

1474618731724998.jpgIBMS1, is one of the core courses, and will provide the students with a basic understanding of the key concepts in biology.  The strength of the programme is its emphasis in using teaching and learning techniques aimed to enable students to become independent critical thinkers and researchers. The course organisers, Professor Yuehai Ke, Zhejiang University and Dr. John Menzies, University of Edinburgh, and the course administrator, Veronica Dai, will provide academic and administrative support to any of the students.

Today was the first opportunity for all the professors, including the Vice Dean, Professor Linrong Lu, and three teaching assistants (all Ph.D. candidates) from Zhejiang University to meet with some of the staff from the University of Edinburgh and the first intake of students on the International Campus.  

The entire dual programme is being conducted in English.  This will be a challenge for this cohort of students whose mother language is not English.  The students will graduate in four years time as effective communicators in science in both English and their mother-tongue.  The expectation is that this programme will in future recruit students from all over the world because, as Professor Shipston stated, the programme is truly unique.

1474618731941097.jpgIn the evening after today’s inaugural classes, the students all engaged in “ice-breaking” social activities that included pizza, whiskey tasting, a quiz and some very physically demanding games.  These activities were lead by the Executive Dean of the Joint Institute, Professor John Stewart, University of Edinburgh and Dr Larkman.

1474618731121594.jpgDr Larkmanm is introducing Scottish whisky

1474618731717779.jpgGame Humman Chair Team Game Pnuematic lift


Game Pick up Cup