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The inaugural Global Challenges public lecture series has come to an end


The inaugural Global Challenges public lecture series organized by the ZJU-UoE Institute has finally come to an end. Professor Lap Chee Tusi concluded the series with a lecture on the global challenges and opportunities in the field of genomics. He delighted the audience with his extensive knowledge and experience in the field and his optimism and enthusiasm for the future of humanity.

What is very special about the Global Challenges series is that it is both a course at ZJU-UoE Institute for first year students and a public lecture series, open to anyone from the public.


Global Challenges has broadened our students’ horizons beyond biomedical science and has also equipped them to think critically on many different aspects of the topic, for example, economics and politics, rather than simply focusing on science and technology.


Global Challenges as a public series has allowed the local communities to be engaged with both the Institute and the International Campus. Many members of the public have attended these lectures. People attend for different reasons; some are working in the same field as the lecturers, e.g., solar panels, manufacturing and education, and some are just interested to learn. Most visit to experience what it is like to be a ‘student’ at a lecture at a Haining International Campus lecture.  We are proud to have given people from all walks of life an opportunity to be a part of the bigger ZJU community - that is exactly what we wanted to achieve by holding this series of public lectures.


Here is a recap of the exciting topics that were covered in this year’s Global Challenges!

(picture followed by name and topic)

Week 2

Professor Philip Krein

Solar Energy

Week 3

Professor Susan Welburn

Infectious Disease Control

Week 4 

Professor Gao Chao


Week 5

Professor Kuan Chong Ting

Global Food Safety

Week 7 

Professor Benito Marinas

Water Resources

Week 8

Dr. Xu Han


Week 9

Dr Poppy Lamberton

Neglected Tropical Dieseases

Week 10

Professor Abha Ahuja

The transforming education landscape

Week 11

Professor Lap Chee Tusi

Genomic Challenge

We thank everyone for coming to the lectures and we hope to see you next year!