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Diplomat for a Day Event Takes Place


This week, international and Chinese students came together for the first ZJU International Campus Model United Nations simulation.


Organised by the International Students’ Council, the Model UN session invited participants to take up the roles of different United Nations Security Council members as they decided how to respond to the Iran Hostage Crisis (in 1979, groups of Iranian student protestors took over the United States embassy in Tehran and refused to allow the American diplomats to leave). 


Participants had to research how to think and act like the country they were representing, and then work together to debate key issues and draw up a draft UN Security Council Resolution.


They were encouraged to maintain character during the day, and were helped to do so through the recreation of the atmosphere and procedures of the real UN Security Council.


Abby Hoyt, Public Relations Officer for ISC said: “Under the watchful eye of Chair Elisabetta Botta. Participants were all given the opportunity to practice their research, speaking, and writing skills, in English, and also had great fun.”