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Academic Administrator

Friday, April 14, 2017 - 09:45

Zhejiang University – University of Edinburgh (ZJU-UoE) Institute

International Campus, Haining, China


The Zhejiang University – University of Edinburgh (ZJU-UoE) Institute is seeking to recruit an experienced academic administrator to provide operational and strategic leadership for course and programme administration.


Established by two world-leading universities the primary mission of the ZJU-UoE Institute is to foster excellence in both education and research in biomedical sciences. The key roles of this post are to provide academic administrative support to the Executive Dean of the ZJU-UoE Institute and to advise senior academics and administrative staff in the formulation and execution of policy in relation to teaching delivery, quality assurance, quality enhancement and maintenance of the student record.

You will have proven administrative ability with relevant experience of management in a complex organization with evidence of potential for administrative leadership. Excellent written and oral communication in English is essential. Knowledge of University policies and procedures along with experience in supporting course and programme development & delivery within higher education is desirable.

The post will be located at the ZJU-UoE Institute, Haining, China and the contract of employment will be held with Zhejiang University. The post is for five years in the first instance. Subject to a satisfactory formal review at the end of year three it is intended that the post-holder will then move to an open-ended contract at the end of year five.

Applications should be made by email to to meet the closing date below.


Closing date: Midnight 31st May 2017


Further particulars

Candidate information:

The academic administrator post is associated with the recent establishment of the Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh (ZJU-UoE) Institute based at the International campus, Haining, China. The appointee will be involved in the development and delivery of the new Dual Award Honors programme in Integrative Biomedical Sciences that is jointly delivered, in English, by colleagues from the ZJU-UoE Institute, Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh. The post holder will work closely with the ZJU-UoE Executive Dean, Institute Executive and administration team and liaise extensively with partners at Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh.

The post is initially for 3 years. The post is available with immediate effect and it is expected that the post-holder will be in post no later than 15th May, 2017. The post is based at the ZJU-UoE Institute at the International campus, Haining China.

Applications containing a full CV, a concise statement of previous experience in academic administration and a brief outline of how you see this as an opportunity to develop your career should be send to Ajda Yang( to meet the closing date. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to attend for interview. Applicants who wish to discuss the post in more detail should contact Prof Linrong Lu (

Job Description

1. Job Details:

Job title:                                                ZJU-UoE Academic Administrator

School/Support Department:                          ZJU-UoE Institute, International Campus, Haining

Line manager:                                             ZJU-UoE Executive Dean


2. Job Purpose:

Provide support to the ZJU-UoE Executive Dean and advise senior ZJU-UoE academics and administrative staff in the formulation and execution of policy in relation to teaching delivery, quality assurance, quality enhancement and students affairs. Manage the provision of administrative support for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and provide leadership to administration staff and liaise with partners at Zhejiang University (Basic Medical Sciences) and University of Edinburgh (Biomedical Sciences).


3. Main Responsibilities:



Approx. % of time


Provide operational   and strategic leadership for course and programme administration. Develop   and manage the academic administration of the ZJU-UoE Institute within the   policy and regulation framework established with the International Campus,   UoE and ZJU. Manage and prioritise delivery of teaching support   administration, in particular the use of procedures and systems that will   lead to efficiency gains and improvements in the ZJU-UoE Institute   activities. Oversee the collection, checking, storage and update of all   teaching documentation and coordinate entries into the official data systems at   ZJU-UoE institute. and ensure agreed data transfer to ZJU and UoE as   required. Manage the record keeping for all student records in relation to   programmes, courses and assessments. Liaise with the ZJU-UoE Institute   Executive and International campus to develop appropriate services and   systems. Responsibility for the ZJU-UoE Institute management of the   examination process and ensuring that student with specific learning needs   and special circumstances are dealt with appropriately and effectively.   Responsible for academic administrative staff appointments, staff   developments and disciplinary matters within the teaching administration team   in accordance with ZJU-UoE Institute policies..



Curriculum   development. Interact with academic and support staff to ensure that   all course / programme proposals comply with ZJU-UoE Institute, ZJU   International campus and University of Edinburgh Regulations and Policies.   Make recommendations on curriculum development to the ZJU-UoE Executive Dean.  



Teaching policy. Support   the ZJU-UoE Executive Dean in review and development of local teaching policy   in response to consultations and policy development at both ZJU and UoE.   Provide policy and practice guidance and support for Programme / Course   Organisers, Academic advisers and support staff. Ensure that documentation   required for Quality Assurance, Teaching Programme Review and other review   processes is collected and made available to staff as required.



Student Recruitment. Manage ZJU-UoE   Institute student recruitment activity in consultation and agreement with UoE.   Oversee the production of publicity materials for recruitment purposes,   including the Prospectus and the organisation of schools liaison activities.



Contribute to overall   strategic planning in the ZJU-UoE institute as a member of the Institute   Executive and ensuring learning an detaching developments are within the   framework of the cooperation agreement between ZJU and UoE. This will require   engagement with partners at both ZJU Basic Medical Sciences and UoE   Biomedical Sciences.



4. Planning and Organising

Skills in resource planning and organisation are a key feature of this post with processes largely determined by the academic year. This includes resource (staff and business planning for courses/programmes) planning for both short term and future needs. For many tasks annual, or longer, plans need to be developed for processes which require Regulation change, course and programme development and approval. The post holder must be able to plan organise and prioritise activities on a weekly, monthly and annual basis and be aware of schedules and deadlines.

Take proposals from academic staff for new courses or programmes through the approval processes over the academic year cycle.

Providing input into the development of new databases /information systems so that the software and process can be prepared to provide a student record system within the ZJU-UoE institute for the new governance responsibilities that will come into effect over the next two years.

Consider recruitment requirements (prospectus and publicity material) 18 months ahead of admission.

Ensure administration staff, with correct training and experience, are in place to support courses and programmes and that workloads are at correct level.


5. Problem Solving

The post holder must be proactive and avert difficulties as soon as they arise in a constructive, fair and sympathetic way. Problems can be complex, involving interpretation of the Assessment and Degree Regulations as well as highly sensitive, requiring skill and diplomacy as well as in depth knowledge.

Through access to information from all available sources give guidance and advice to staff, students, potential students and the general public.

Reallocation of administration staff to tasks when required e.g. following resignation, introduction of new courses/programmes, regrading or changes to course structure / student numbers.


6. Decision Making

Taking decisions either independently or in consultation with colleagues regarding the operational aspects of the delivery of UG and PG teaching in the ZJU-UoE institute. Participating in, and contributing to, decision making regarding the strategic planning and developing of teaching delivery and administration.

Using knowledge of ZJU-UoE Institute regulations and policy and practice make decisions about processes that need to be implemented to resolve issues with students, e.g. implementation of learning adjustments, concessions, special circumstances and progression.

Contribute to the generation and updating of teaching related material including development of communications and web site strategy for the ZJU-UoE Institute.


7. Key Contacts/Relationships

The key relationship is with the ZJU-UoE Institute Executive (including the Dean, Executive Dean, Associate Dean for Teaching and Institute Administrator) regarding all aspects of the delivery of degree programme and also wider issues relating to teaching responsibilities within the ZJU-UoE Institute.

Interact with Academic staff over course/programme specific issues to ensure that courses are delivered and updated as necessary to comply with International campus and ZJU-UoE institute rules and documentation required for quality assurance processes is collected.

Liaise with Programme Administrators to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of programmes and courses and make sure that the most appropriate course framework (documentation, timetable, room bookings, assessments) is put in place.

There are important relationships within the ZJU-UoE Institute, International Campus (e.g. academic affairs, Residential Colleges, student administration and support services), ZJU Basic Medical Sciences and the Programme Administrator (Zhejiang) based in the BMTO at the UoE Biomedical Sciences. Outwith the ZJU-UoE Institute there are important interactions with– External Examiners, potential students, parents and alumni.

8. Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Job

A Master degree or other advanced qualification is essential and a broad interest in science education may be an advantage.

Proven administrative ability and relevant experience of management and administration within a complex organisation with evidence of the potential for leadership.

Excellent communication skills in English, written and oral, numeracy and computer literacy.

Knowledge of HE procedures and practices, university structures and administration is desirable.

Ability to respond to issues of both long term and immediate importance.

Ability to create and maintain good working relationships with a wide range of contacts.


9. Dimension

The post has a direct relationship with all aspects of the remit of the ZJU-UoE Institute particularly with respect to the development of teaching and learning for UG and PG degree programmes.

With the current strategic plans leading to an increase in integrative Biomedical Science students, development of a new UG programme numbers, and development of postgraduate programmes the ZJU-UoE Institute will be responsible for ~ 600 undergraduate students and 300 postgraduate students by 2020.

Currently there are 2 academic administration staff within the ZJU-UoE Institute.

The post holder will need to be able to work with colleagues within the International campus, Haining, staff at ZJU Basic Medical Sciences (Hanghzhou) and UoE Biomedical Sciences (Edinburgh)


10. Job Context and any other relevant information

With current plans to develop the programmes increase student numbers and requirements to ensure effective and efficient teaching in an environment that enhances the student experience this post is of critical importance to the ZJU-UoE institute, Zhejiang University and University of Edinburgh.