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Postgraduate and Research Affairs Manager

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 11:30

ZJE Postgraduate and Research Affairs Manager

Key responsibilities

1) Postgraduate programme planning and implementation; management of postgraduate training process, including recruitment, assessment and graduation;

2) Management of research related affairs, including laboratories, funds(application, management and conclusion) and etc.;

3) Management of postdoctoral affairs, including recruitment, management and completion.


1)       Master’s degree or above, major of medicine, pharmacy, biology and other related fields, under 35 years old;

2)       Excellent language skills in both Chinese and English;

3)       Strong sense of responsibility and occupational ethics;

4)       PhD or relevant experience preferred.


1)       Please email your CV(including education and work experience) and other certificates to Ms. Ajda Yang(;

2)       Please quote the reference ”administration secretary + your name” in your application email.

Contact us:

Ms. Ajda Yang

Tel: +86-571-87572816


Application deadline

Midnight 31st May, 2017