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Teaching Laboratory Manager

Friday, January 5, 2018 - 09:00

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Teaching lab management: maintain and run the teaching laboratories that support the undergraduate degree programmes of ZJU-UoE Institute. This includes maintenance of the lab equipment, purchase of new equipment, ensuring equipment and consumables are in place for undergraduate practical classes. Communicate with the lecturers running the practical classes to ensure their requirements are met.

  2. Ensure that every aspect of the teaching lab abides to the university regulations, particularly the health and safety regulations. These include but are not restricted to emergency procedures and lab waste disposal. The post-holder must induct the students and relevant staff to as to regulations, practices and procedures for safe working in the laboratory and refer to the Executive, where necessary to ensure correct procedures are followed.


  1. Master’s degree or above, major of medicine, pharmacy, biology or other related fields, under 35 years old.

  2. Excellent skills in both English and Chinese, strong sense of responsibility.

  3. Experience in lab management is preferred.


  1. Please email your CV (including education and work experience) and other certificates to Ms. Xinyi Yang (;

  2. Please quote the reference “Teaching Laboratory Manager+ your name” in your application email.


Contact us:

Ms. Xinyi Yang (Ajda)

Tel: +86-571-87572816


Application deadline:

Midnight 21st January, 2018