Research Highlight

Covering five floors, our brand new institute has been custom-built to provide space for up to 600 undergraduate students and 300 postgraduate students, across six teaching laboratories. We will also eventually hold up to 45 PI's and their research groups. 

research building

ZJE has identified the following research themes as a key focus for the institute:

Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

The stem cell and regenerative medicine research group works on degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal conditions. Techniques such as gene and tissue engineering are employed in manufacturing, evaluation and clinical trials to address these conditions. This research has multiple applications in sports medicine, orthopaedic and neurological medicine and surgery as well as bio-engineering.

Inflammation and Immunology

The inflammation and immunology group conducts research into molecular pathways and cellular interactions affecting thymocyte development and T cell-mediated immune responses. Using molecular biology and genetic engineering to identify novel candidate molecules for the treatment of cancer, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Infection and Molecular Medicine

The infection and molecular medicine group focus is on Global Health systems and diseases of public health importance. The research investigates interactions between vectors, hosts and parasites in diverse infections such as sleeping sickness, brucellosis, avian influenza, neurocysticercosis. The group also run projects focused on the design and use of molecular diagnostic tools for the study and management of neglected diseases. This work takes a holistic approach and priorities the development of integrated control methodologies which take into account human, livestock, wildlife and ecosystem factors in disease epidemiology.

Neuroscience and Cancer and Oncology