ZJE Core Facility

ZJE core facility is composed of FACS core, imaging core, histology core, biochemical core and bioinformatics core. each core is guided by PIs who are proficient in theory and managed and maintained by skilled technicians.
The equipment procurement of ZJE core facility is put forward by research groups in ZJE. After voting, it is decided that the equipment procurement is closest to the research project in ZJE and can help to get data, analyze data and simplify the work. In the investigation work, the reputation, the technical advancement and the ability to help research work were considered to be the most important. At present, about 20 instruments are in use.
Decision-making is done collectively for the construction and management of ZJE core facility. Research Committee is responsible for collecting the opinions of PIs, proposing core facility construction planning, discussing core facility management regulations, and submitting the formed opinions and schemes to the zje Council for approval before implementation.



The equipment in ZJE core facility is able to support the research work in ZJE. The equipment includes flow cytometry cell sorter (BD influx), Confocal microscope (Zeiss LSM 880), spinning disk confocal microscope (Nikon), qPCR machine (Roche Lightcycler 480), nuclear transfector (LONZA), Multifunction microplate reader (Tecan), Western blot imaging system (Licor Odyssey clx) etc.. The stable operation of various equipment provides strong support for the scientific research and development of ZJE.