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主题:Bats as reservoirs of zoonotic viruses and SARS-Like viruses.


Aaron Irving is an Assistant Professor at the Zhejiang University-University of Edinburgh Institute (ZJE), Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Haining, China. His work centres on host-pathogen interactions of zoonotic viruses with a focus on comparative immunology between bats and humans. He earned his PhD at the University of Queensland on Varicella Zoster Virus evasion of the host Interferon Response. Following this he pursued postdoctoral studies at Monash Institute of Medical Research specializing in viralhost interactions, cell biology responses to pathogen infection, autophagy and other aspects of infectious disease. Consequent work at Duke-NUS Medical School, Singapore on alternative hosts for disease, bats, had a large focus on comparative biology, comparative immunology, in vivo models and disease ecology. This work involved multiple emerging and re-emerging virus infections with work on multiple flaviviruses, Influenza, paramyxoviruses, OrthoReoviruses and MERS-CoV. This allowed identification of key differences in pathways in IFN signalling, virus sensing, inflammasome activation and in vivo cytokine production. This work is further pursued with his new role at ZJE and an expansion of OneHealth surveillance/ risk factor identification and the application to human immunology of factors from this natural, healthy wildlife host.

时间:15:30-16:30, 15 July

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