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Title: Towards quantitative mechanistic prediction in biology


Dr. Lucas Carey, Principal Investigator at Center for Quantitative Biology, Peking University & Peking-Tsinghua Joint Center for Life Sciences. 



Summary of the talk:

Understanding the effects of mutations and how phenotypes are encoded in the genome are two of the primary goals of modern biology. The ability to make quantitative predictions as to the effects of complex genetic changes will enable breakthroughs in personalized medicine. In addition, quantitative mechanistic models can be used to investigate biological processes that are difficult or impossible to probe experimentally. However, in most cases, neither the consequences of mutations nor their mechanism of action can be predicted. I will discuss some of the complexity that makes phenotype prediction so hard and how my group is combining mathematical modelling with high-throughput quantitative experiments to identify new mechanisms by which genetic and non-genetic heterogeneity in both populations and in single cells affects the mapping from genotype to phenotype. 


28th October, 2020


Host Dr. Xianghua Li